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Arriving at our name, Association Partners, Inc. was easy.
Together, that's how we work -
Innovation, Continuity,
Cost Effectiveness, and Efficiency,
are what we provide.
Let us offer you

We are an association management company. Our many years of experience have taught us that in order to achieve maximum success, an association and its staff must form a valued relationship, one that acts as a partnership in pursuit of your mission.


This partnership offers you continuity as your volunteer leaders change. One of the things we’ve found in 27+ years of association management is that most great volunteer leaders do not have the time, or inclination to handle the routine day-to-day operations- they already have full-time careers.

The challenges of hiring staff, setting up an office and dealing with legal/employment problems are touchy issues that are handled by the management company instead of taking away your valuable time. Complete attention to your organization is assured.

We’ve found that a management company can typically save an association about 30% over in-house management. Savings come by eliminating employee benefit expenses, payroll taxes, rent, utilities, etc. Office system infrastructure such as, computers, programming/software, phones, internet, state-of-the- art copier/scanner and server/back-up system are already in place.


By working with a management company, you get a detailed accounting of where your money goes, and can re-direct as the need arises. Providing service is the business of association management companies and the foundation of Association Partners, Inc. By establishing your expectations up front, developing a realistic budget and time-table, Association Partners, Inc. can help you do a better job of providing the best service to your members.


American Institute of Architects

Gulf States Region


American Institute of Architects,

Tennessee (AIA Tennessee)


Middle TN Wrestling Officials Association

TN Association of Roofing Contractors 

TN Chapter,

National Wrestling Hall of Fame


TN Lobbyists Association 

TN Association of Nurse Anesthetists 

 TANA Political Action Committee

TN Architecture Foundation


TN Association of Professional Bail Agents

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